GSN Review: VDKA 6100


The world’s first vodka made from whey, not grain, VDKA 6100 is produced from seasonal cow’s whey in Reporoa, near Lake Taupo on the North Island of New Zealand. The whey is fermented using a unique strain of yeast from Ireland that has been hand-cultivated in Reporoa for over 30 years. Distilled just three times and then filtered through carbon, before being blended with New Zealand natural spring water. VDKA 6100 is gluten free, sugar free, lactose free and free from chemical additives.

The brand’s founder, Julian Moss, also established a medical PPE company, called Blue Mirror, which has been crucial during this time of need. Blue Mirror supplies healthcare equipment such as gloves, N95 respirators, disposable surgical and protective masks and hand sanitizer.

VDKA 6100 (80 proof)
Appearance: Clear.
Aroma: Crisp, light and fresh with a hint of vanilla.
Taste: Exceptionally smooth and almost creamy in mouthfeel. After a few seconds, things open up into a dry minerality. Altogether it has a medium body with a lot of water terroir and character.
Finish: Medium long with a slight bitter and peppery finish which cleanses the palate.
Overall: We really enjoyed this unusual spirit. Who knew that you could make vodka from whey? This is a fine sipping vodka that will also make for a dandy Kangaroo cocktail.

GSN Rating: A