Tweeddale Grain of Truth Peated Whisky Review and Tasting Notes

REPOST: Whisky of the Week | Jeannette Wentzel | 11/16/2020

A few weeks ago, we visited Dullstroom. After being housebound for the last eight months, we needed a change of scenery. We rented a small house in the town and spent the weekend relaxing. However, we did make time to visit our favourite whisky bar, Wild About Whisky, to try a few new releases. One of the drams they had available was the Tweeddale Grain of Truth Peated whisky.

It was just after I read the article on Malt Musings about the Loch Lomond Single Grain compared to the Tweeddale Peated and a few other releases. So I was glad for the opportunity to taste it as well. Let me say up front; I liked the Tweeddale whisky so much that I bought a bottle. Now I can capture proper tasting notes for the blog.

Peated grain whisky is not readily available in SA, so it is a unique experience to try something different. Tweeddale claim to be the first peated grain whisky available. The Tweeddale brand started, like so many other blends, in a grocery store.

The Tweeddale Blend was created by Alasdair Day in 2010 from a recipe discovered in his great grandfather Richard Day’s cellar book for Coldstream grocer J&A Davidson.

Tweeddale has been part of the R&B Distillers portfolio since 2015, also co-owned by Day. A new limited batch of Tweeddale is released every year. Currently available in SA is the Peated release and the Grain of Truth Sherry releases.

The Grain of Truth is non-chill-filtered with natural colour. Half of the malted barley is peated to 50 ppm, and the other half is from unpeated single grain (wheat). The whisky is aged in ex-bourbon casks.


REGION: Highlands

ABV: 50%

COLOUR: Pale gold / light wheat

NOSE: Sweetness and peat balanced with fruit. There are hints of green apple mixed in with light smoke. Bits of creamy lime and oak. Delicious and inviting you to taste.

PALATE: Sweetness and peat. Spicier than the nose suggests there are notes of nutmeg and cinnamon with caramel and fresh orchard fruit. Some light chocolate notes with stewed pear. Delicious and well balanced. I finished my first glass without water. Bits of oaky spice and nuts with wisps of smoke. Unique and delicious, I had to have a second glass of this whisky.

FINISH: Slightly drying with oak, lime and cinnamon. Faint bits of fruity sweetness. Long and lingering.


What a delicious dram. Easy drinking. Nothing like Islay peat and smoke with fish and medicinal notes. More of a Highland style peat and smoke with fruit, heather and burning grass. A dram I will be exploring a bit more over the summer. Comparing last week’s Loch Lomond Single Grain to the Tweeddale Grain of Truth Peated would be quite tricky.

They are both delicious releases and will feature quite a lot over my summer.  The Loch Lomond is perfect for hot sunny days; it is light and fragrant.  The Tweeddale is bigger and bolder and more for after dinner drinking.

The Tweeddale retails for around R690 in SA, and I found it at Wild About Whisky, and I see that McBeth on Whisky also has some available.

This peated grain pairs well with a cheeseboard. The smoke and sweetness will work with creamy or harder cheese.