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The English Original Single Malt Whisky Non-Chilled Filtered

St. George’s Day in England

I believe that whisky and spirits represent the people, country, region, and distilled in. When selecting a new bottle, I always look for information about all of these topics. It is fantastic what you will learn during your research. With that knowledge in mind, I enjoy my dram even more. I hope you would not travel somewhere without knowing where to go for sight-seeing. Right?

When I looked at The English and the distillers, my first question was, who was St. George? 

In the year 1350, he was chosen as England’s patron Saint, by then King Edward III. St. George was admired for his bravery, was very popular among knights all over Europe, and considered very brave, especially as he was facing much suffering. St. Georg is said to be a soldier in the Roman army under the reign of Emperor Diocletian (284 – 305 AD and died in Split, Croatia in 316 AD). 

Every year, on April 23rd, England celebrates St. George’s Day, as this is considered the day on which he died. He was beheaded in 303 AD and canonized as a Saint by Pope Gelasius in 494 AD, almost 200 years later.

About the St. George’s Distillery

In December of 2009, the St. George’s Distillery resealed the first legal English Whisky in over a century. James and Andrew Nelstop founded the distillery, and it started distilling in December 2006. The initial bottles were given chapter numbers.

The distillery is sourcing their water, yeast, and barley from within England. St. George’s Distillery has produced bourbon and sherry matured and peated and unpeated whiskies. Some of the very well-known distillers who were with St. George’s are Iain Henderson and David Pitt.

Country:  England

Region:  Lowland and from the St. George’s Distillery

Cask:  Bourbon

Style:  Non-Chilled Filtered 

ABV:  43%

Color:  Honey to Amber 

Nose:  Orange, vanilla, chocolate, malty touches 

Palate:  Orange, Chocolate, Vanilla, Definitely nutty impact 

Finish:  Smooth, Spicy on the backend, 


About The English Whisky

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Where to find your bottle

I would recommend that you connect with Vision Wine & Spirits They have a great map of distributors on their website, which is an excellent starting point to find bottles that you are looking for (