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The Distillery and History

I have looked for a unique Irish whiskey that tells a remarkable story, and it not one of the major brands. The Barr an Uisce ‘1803’ Single Malt Irish Whiskey is precisely that. It is unique, and the story of ‘Barr an Uisce’ Irish Whiskey is fascinating to me. 

Ian Jones, the founder, is from a small village called Redcross, and lays in the middle of many hills. In the census of 2016, the village had a population of 278. The church was built in 1829. The village is relatively small, has a post office, two stores, and a public house (better known as a pub). The public houses were for the working men, and the alternative to private locations available to those who could afford to pay for entry. The name of the pub in Redcross Ireland, is Rua’s Pub. 

The history of Redcross was also fascinating to read about. Redcross was a stop for the carriages traveling from the southern part of Ireland to its capital Dublin. As a central stopping point for travelers, it became somewhat of a place for music, culture, and storytelling. The copper-colored cross still stands in the graveyard in Redcross and was the inspiration for the logo. What a perfect picture option. 

The Irish words “Barr an Uisce” (pronounced Bar on Ishka) literal English translation is “above the water”.The freshwater that is used is coming for a family well in County Wicklow.

Country: Ireland

Region: County Wicklow

Cask: First Fill Kentucky Bourbon Barrel 

Style: Single Malt Irish Whiskey, Non-Chill Filtered

ABV: 46%

Color: Bright golden

Nose: Vanilla, baked apples, wood oil notes

Palate: It is very straight forward and offered some gingerbread flavors, apples, and maybe banana (not sure, leaving it to you)

Finish: Has a long finish and hints of oak


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I personally enjoy spirits from distilleries with a unique story and location. The family tradition, generations of pub ownership, and the beauty of the area and rolling hills of County Wicklow, make this an exceptional whiskey. When you visit the website, you are pulled into the story, and when you open the bottle, you feel like you are right there, in the middle of the pub. I enjoy the flavors, how it impacts the nose, and how it finishes after a long day at work.