The Best Canned Drinks for Camping & The Great Outdoors

REPOST: CRAVE LOCAL by Crave Editorial Team

In addition to camping, canned drinks have become the ideal choice for socially distanced happy hours, outdoor dining, impromptu porch parties, and more.

Although summer may be the usual season for outdoor drinking and fun with friends, our new ‘normal’ of socially distanced happy hours, outdoor dining, open air parties, and, well, everything else we used to do inside now outdoors has given us new reasons to enjoy ready-to-drink beverages. Cooler weather also means camping season, and choosing crushable cans means less trash to haul back home to be recycled. Our team tasted and tested, with the following canned drinks chosen as our favorite ready-to-drink cocktails, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages while we celebrate the great outdoors!

Dashfire Ready-to-Drink (RTD) 6-pack 100ml cans – SRP $4.99/ea

Created by Minnesota mixologist Lee Egbert and his wife, Dawn, Dashfire is a relatively new brand to the canned beverage scene, with six full strength craft cocktails that can be enjoyed straight from a chilled can or bottle, or served over ice. Although small, these canned drinks are serious craft cocktails! We thoroughly enjoyed Dashfire’s Bourbon Old Fashioned, a Fig and Cascara Manhattan, a rum and grenadine El Presidente, as well as the Elderflower Martinez, and a unique Lemon and Lavender Martini made with vodka and sherry that tasted more like a gin cocktail. Dashfire’s Chai White Russian was also surprisingly refreshing and not overly sweet, and like the rest of their canned drinks, made using local ingredients, bitters, and spices.