REPOST: Driving Scotland’s Gin Trail – How, Where & When To Do It

Posted on by Marie-Eve
April 27, 2019

My first brush with gin first serendipitously occurred a few years ago in a pub in Notting Hill, London, on a sun-drenched Sunday afternoon.

After stating to Paul, the bartender, that I was uninterested in ales and frankly over cider, I nonetheless felt dubious when he suggested a gin & tonic.

There are now over 70+ gin distilleries in Scotland – with even more being built – each with its own distinctive flavours and character.

My Favourite Gin Distillery in Scotland: Dunnet Bay Distillers. Getting there is remarkable enough to begin with; the wee distillery is set in the distance of the beachy coast of mainland Scotland’s most northerly county, Caithness, famous for its relentless winds and its barren landscapes.

As opposed to blatantly commercial distilleries, the lovely pair formed by Martin and Claire Murray is driven by the authenticity of a common goal: crafting a proudly Scottish gin rooted in local traditions….