GSN Review: Raasay “While We Wait” 2018 Single Malt Scotch


his is Raasay’s fourth release in the While We Wait series. Designed as a peaty and fruity single malt, each iteration of Raasay While We Wait has been crafted through the vatting of two malts from a single Highland distillery – a heavily peated and an unpeated malt.

While We Wait has been matured in Bourbon barrels and finished in Tuscan Montechiari wine casks. The 2018 release uses a higher proportion of second-fill Tuscan Montechiari wine casks, said to give the whisky a “finer balance between the influence of French oak and smoke”.

Earlier this year, the island distillery unveiled plans to release up to 20 casks of new make spirit for whisky fans to purchase every year.

Raasay “While We Wait” 2018 Single Malt Scotch (92 proof)
Appearance: Medium gold.
Aroma: Moderately smokey with a hint of vine fruit at the end. Bright, crisp and autumnal.
Taste: A gorgeous entry with a perfect blend of malty sweetness, mild smoke and oak. There is a roundness and warmth in the whisky that begs for contemplation.
Finish: The sweetness lingers for quite awhile, while at the same time the peat keeps things in line. The finish is slightly dry and toasty.

Overall: A very nice un-traditional Scotch. We appreciated the interaction between the ex-wine casks and the heavily peated malt, something we were not sure would work to advantage. It does.


GSN Rating: A-