Raasay ‘While We Wait’ Single Malt Whisky

As see in WhiskyReviews.net, August 12, 2019
Published by Neill Murphy


“If ‘While We Wait’ is indeed an indication of what is to come, we could be getting close to the introduction of a very interesting new single malt indeed.”


The isle of Raasay, in the northwest of Scotland was once home to at least one illicit still though in all likelihood there would have been many more. The last known record of distillation dates from more than 150 years ago however and the island has been completely free of the national spirit ever since. That is, until the first legal distillery began producing spirit in September of 2017.

Alisdair Day co-founded R&B Distillers with business partner Bill Dobbie, after being encouraged to get involved with the whisky industry by an old ledger he inherited from his father. Day’s great-grandfather it seems, was once the proprietor of a licensed grocer in the town of Coldstream in the Scottish Borders. It was common in those days for such businesses to blend casks of scotch whisky together so that they might offer a unique product to their customers and Alisdair’s relative kept extensive notes of his creations in his ‘cellar book’. When he inherited the book, Day set about recreating some of the recipes, a process that would lead to the first release of The Tweeddale blend.