Valinch & Mallet

It all started with Single Malt Whiskies, our first love, then it grew even more with Single Grains and Rums

For us, it’s all about finding Extraordinary Single Casks

In a world of sometimes overwhelming wood influence, we always seek the true distillery character: choosing what we like the most over what we believe will sell more is the hardest of choices, but it is in fact the only one that matters when quality and not quantity is the ultimate goal.

“There isn’t greater joy in life that following and indulging in our passions, whatever they may be”

It is how Valinch & Mallet was conceived and created: two people, coming from different backgrounds, united by the common passion for Whisky and the desire to transform it into a profession and share its fruits with everyone else.

If you add to this mix our Italian innate love for art and crafts and the heritage left by the extraordinary selectors that forever linked Italy to Scotland and Scotch Whisky, a clearer picture starts to appear.

Selecting single casks is not a science but a matter of taste, an art. Our creativity and personal taste are what drives us to prefer one cask over another, imagining how the spirit will marry with the wood and develop once finally poured and sealed in the bottle.

“Two casks of wood-aged spirit, distilled and filled the very same day and left to their deserved rest in the warehouse at the same time, at the end of their maturation period, will never have the same taste anymore”.

We decided to go back to those times when things were bespoken and each object was unique for his own imperfections like a hand-blown crystal. Behind each detail or ink smear on our labels, behind a different shade of oxidation of our metallic plaques, there is the work of some one of us. Was it a sunny or a rainy day when the ink was left to dry? Was a plaque left a couple of seconds more into the acid bath to oxidize leading to a deeper scar in the metal? And the sealing wax: how many seconds was if left upside down before letting it dry? Perhaps that one day, our craftsmen was distracted for a moment by something: a joke shared with a friend or a particular thought that passed in his head.

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