Thomas Henry

Soda Water: the origin of all premium fillers


Thomas Henry Soda Water is a true traditional product. The water comes from the Egge Hills in southern Lower Saxony, a patch of untouched nature located in the middle of Europe. The water is mixed with sparkling carbonic acid and sodium hydrogen carbonate. The ratio is important here —  it must be done exactly right. The result is a filler that has been developed specifically for the best bartenders in the world. Thomas Henry Soda Water creates many classic drinks. The premium filler is exceptionally tingly and offers plenty of space for complex taste experiences.

It all began with carbon dioxide and water

In contrast to mineral water, soda water’s flavour carriers can be precisely composed and determined. This results is a unique twist from the water, in which spirits can develop their own taste without losing their character. Thomas Henry himself enriched water with carbon dioxide for the first time in Manchester in 1773. In doing so, he laid the foundation for the refreshingly sparkling taste experience that carbonated beverages offer us today. A discovery that shaped our bar culture to the present day, refreshing and continuously inspiring.

ABV: 0%

Origin: Berlin, Germany

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
calories 0
total fat 0
sodium 0
sugars 0g
carbohydrates 0g

Natural minerl water, carbonic dioxide, sodium hydrogen carbonate. Vegan and naturally gluten-free.

Formats: 200ml bottles

Exceptionally tingling and versatile at the bar

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