Thomas Henry

Slim Tonic: Aromatically dry and dazzingly elegant


Thomas Henry Slim Tonic abides by the well-known rule that less is more. The contemporary, modern tonic water boasts a reduced sweetness and instead directs focus to its dry and complex aroma. Slim Tonic is light and allows a good gin an unusual amount of space to unfold its taste. The perfectly balanced perlage supports the gin’s botanicals expansion. Thomas Henry Slim Tonic makes for elegant, dry, and powerful enjoyment.

This visionary premium filler was developed together with mixologists Arnd Henning Heißen and Phum Sila-Trakoon. What makes Thomas Henry Slim Tonic so special is its excitingly complex bergamot and black pepper aromas. A hint of sea salt expands the taste through its dry and strong characteristic.

An exciting inspiration for any bar

Thomas Henry Slim Tonic is particularly fantastic enjoyed in its signature vermouth drink Bianco Slim. Slim Tonic also pairs well with sloe gin, vodka, and Japanese sake. Mixed with rum, modern classics like the Cuba Libre #2 are created. Thomas Henry Slim Tonic is the tonic water with the lowest sugar content on the market.

ABV: 0%

Origin: Berlin, Germany

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
calories 13
total fat 0
sodium 0.05
sugars 2.8g
carbohydrates 2.8g

water, fructose syrup, carbon dioxide, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavouring, sea salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, flavouring: quinine. Slim because calorific value reduced by less sugar. Vegan and naturally glutenfree.

Formats: 200ml bottles

Where the sweet taste of a fresh bergamot orange meets the piquancy of sea salt and pepper.

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