Thomas Henry

Coffee Tonic: Cold Brew meets Tonic Water


Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic is an irresistible combination between Cold Brew and Tonic Water. Cold Brew — the coffee drink of the moment — is so much more than simply cold coffee. Our Latin American 100% Arabica beans are submerged in chilled water for hours, in order to fully extract the bean’s full, fine taste. Well made Cold Brew boasts an elegant, discreet acidity with a fine bitterness. Paired with our excellent Thomas Henry Tonic Water, Coffee Tonic is aromatic, stimulating, and intense in taste. Elegant citrus aromas are joined and balanced by aromatic coffee notes. A unique taste experience.

Thomas Henry: once a pioneer, always a pioneer

Coffee Tonic is another stroke of genius from the house of Thomas Henry. Because Coffee Tonic is globally the first of its kind. Our product uses genuine Cold Brew, which lends this unique combination of cold prepared coffee and Tonic Water an extra portion of energy.

Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic is not only innovative and exciting in terms of taste. The premium filler is also a smart and handy solution for bartenders and discerning connoisseurs. Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic is a prime example of practical efficiency behind the bar and offers international mixologists unprecedented creative possibilities. This is where the best of both worlds comes together: the bar world and barista culture join forces to create an excellent product and an inspiring enrichment for delicious drinks.

ABV: 0%

Origin: Berlin, Germany

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
calories 33
total fat 0
sodium 0
sugars 7.9g
carbohydrates 8g

Water, 10% strong coffee infusion (water, coffee), sugar, lemon juice concentrate, carbon dioxide, caramel sugar syrup, acidifier citric acid, natural citrus flavouring with other natural flavourings, anti-oxidant ascorbic acid, flavouring caffeine, stabiliser locust bean gum, flavouring quinine.

Formats: 200ml bottles

Perfect with rum, Campari, vermouth, and co.

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