The Tweeddale

The Tweeddale is a blend of single grain whisky and malt whiskies. Its high malt content (50%) gives a full bodied and slightly spicy character accentuated by the inclusion of some Sherry casks. The recipe was inspired by a blend created by Coldstream Grocer Richard Day in the early 20th-century, using whisky from the same nine distilleries.

Blended Scotch Whisky

The Tweeddale: artfully blended since 1820

The Tweeddale Whisky was first produced in Coldstream in 1820 by J&A Davidson, and later continued by Alasdair’s great grandfather Richard Day from 1899 until World War II. In 2009, Alasdair inherited his great grandfather’scellar book, and began recreating the Tweeddale Whisky, with a focus on small batch aged blends and historic single casks.


The Tweeddale Grain of Truth

88 points, Whisky Advocate, Spring 2018
“Toasted coconut, custard cream biscuits, vanilla, freshly peeled banana skins, and ice cream wafers make this an enticing olfactory prospect.” – JM

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