The Tweeddale: Well Made, Well Served

Description: The Tweeddale Well Made, Well Served is a blended Scotch Whisky drawing heavily from our blending heritage dating back to 1820.  Eexpertly crafted to be the perfect Scotch that can span the gap between classic cocktails and modern mixology.

• Proudly independent in a category clogged with corporate giants
• Richer, fuller, drier & smokier than global competition
• Inspired by a long family history of whisky blending in Coldstream
• Ideal for both modern & historical cocktail applications
• Support available for cocktail activity in key accounts

Alcohol by Volume: 40% Non Chill Filtered

Origin: Scotland

Taste: Hints of toffee and peat smoke on the nose.  Rich and complex with a balance of sweet spice and caramel and a lingering sweet finish with hints of peat smoke.

Formats: 750ml

Ideal for classics such as High Balls or a Rob Roy.

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