The Tweeddale: The Evolution

Description:Blended Scotch Whisky

Alcohol by Volume: 52%

Origin: Speyside, Scotland

Taste: Juicy Blackcurrant, creamy waxy notes, cherries and plums. A lemon icing note. On a second nosing, freshly baked pastries, and a hint of honey. Big, full, juicy front palate. Christmas cake notes, blackcurrant and pear (almost glühwein-like fruity, sweetness) and a dash of orange zest. Slight hint of American oak sharpening and structuring the finish. Touch of milk chocolate too.

The Tweeddale: The Evolution is our latest and oldest Tweeddale to date, a luxury blend of classic Speyside single malts and a quality Lowland single grain, with the youngest component whisky being 28 years old.

The Evolution is among the very few luxury blends aged over 25 years on the market. It is what we believe Richard Day would have created, a full bodied traditional blend incorporating the elegance and fruity sherry notes of classic Speyside malts.

Formats: 750ml

Pair it with chocolate desserts, creamy or blue cheese, or just after dinner in front of the fire.

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