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St George’s is the home to The English Whisky Co. The beautiful distillery was designed and built by the Nelstrop family for the specific purpose of producing the very finest English Single Malt Whisky.

One bottle at a time

Our whisky is batch made by hand with no computers, filled into casks and then left to sleep until our distillers consider it perfect for bottling, which of course we do by hand – one bottle at a time.

Why England and more specifically Why Roudham, Norfolk?

Well, there are only two main ingredients in whisky, barley and water and we have them both. We draw the purest, cleanest water from the Breckland aquifer deep beneath our distillery. Norfolk is one of the world’s premier growing barley regions, so our supply is plentiful and local.

The only other thing needed to create the very best malt whisky is oak casks.

We don’t add colour, we don’t add flavour, we let the barrels do that for us, so we have to buy only the very finest oak casks. Most of ours are supplied by direct from America, having first been used for the maturation of bourbon. We also mature in sherry casks, and various other wine casks.

The Nelstrop family have a 600 year old tradition of growing and processing grain.

James Nelstrop was born in Lincolnshire into a farming family. James quickly moved away to start what would become an exciting and innovative life in farming and business.It was inevitable that, on turning 60, he did not wish to retire but to do something different, tied into farming. With his son Andrew they decided to investigate a subject close to James’s heart – whisky production which had stopped in England over 100 years ago. The best barley is grown in Norfolk and the Breckland water is superb and in October 2005 a planning application was submitted with approval granted on 10th January 2006. Since the original distillations back in 2006, we have made nearly 3000 casks which are all maturing nicely in our warehouses. The distillery creates both unpeated and peated whisky – we hope you enjoy them.



David Fitt, The English Whisky Co.
2020 & 2017 The Whisky Magazine


SILVER MEDAL – 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
GOLD MEDAL, BEST IN SHOW – 2018 Whiskies Of The World


GOLD MEDAL – 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
SILVER OUTSTANDING – 2018 Whiskies Of The World

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