Rock Rose Gin

Description: Premium Scottish Gin

Alcohol by Volume: 41.5%

Origin: Scotland

Taste: Rock Rose Gin gets it wonderful flavor from a carefully selected and put together creation of local and traditional botanicals.  Each one meticulously chosen for their flavor properties to create the perfect taste.

Juniper is the predominant botanical, selected from two different countries. Both junipers are subjected to a vapor infusion process and the Bulgarian juniper gives lemon sherbert notes, whilst the Italian juniper gives a real warmth and depth to the flavor of the gin. Locally we harvest Rhodiola rosea, perhaps more commonly known as rose root, which is a plant that grows in colder climes – ideal for the fresh breezes of Caithness.  Other botanicals include buckthorn, rowan, blaeberries, cardamon, coriander seed and verbena.

Formats: 750ml


Dunnet Bay Distillers of Rock Rose Gin secured a highly sought-after FIVE STAR RATING from Visit Scotland, recognising their wee distillery as one of the country’s top tourist attractions.
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