Pizcadores Bacanora

Spirit Description

Pizcadores Bacanora

Bacanora, the drink of the Sierra Madre Occidental, is completely full of clandestine origin and free soul. Bacanora Pizcadores is made with wild agave Angustifolia Haw, which fills it with flavor, secrecy, and freedom.

Bacanora, as was named by the natives of the region, is a spirit made 100% of wild cooked agave, fermented and distilled. The differences between Bacanora and other Mexican agave spirits are the variety of agave plant, Sonora´s mountains weather conditions and the use of native yeast on its artisanal process.

Bacanora Pizcadores Silver 45 Is a strong and full-bodied Bacanora, product of careful selection of wild plants over 8 years.

Aroma: Sweet and gentle. Green burned wood, peppermint, dried herbs, and pepper.

Taste: Complex. Strong, fresh, and full-bodied. Smoky, menthol and orange notes.

Sotol Pizcadores Silver: Is distilled to 45% alc/vol.

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