Mayalen Guerrero Mezcal

Spirit Description

The GUERRERO variety is created from the Wild Cupreata agave species and was inspired by those who are warriors at heart. It is potent with notes of white pepper and hints of citrus. The subtle dark chocolate aftertaste makes it ideal for pairing with nuts, berries and chocolate.

Alcohol by Volume: 53%-55%

Origin: Guerrero, Mexico

Notes: Made from Wild Cupreata or Papalote agave.

Tasting Notes: Mayalen Guerrero presents a rich, taut structure with lively and herbaceous aromas. Toasted dill seed, wasabi-tinged cucumber, dark chocolate and smoked nuts emerge on the palate. Finish is long, warm, and remarkably clean, showing the refined fruity character of the Wild Cupreata agave.

Formats: 750mL

Brand Details

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