craft soda & cocktail mixer

Handcrafted in historic New England with only 3 ingredients: fruit, pure cane & water

Fruitations came to life as a happy accident: founder Allison crafted her homemade syrup with ingredients from her kitchen pantry. Adding it to club soda created a taste and quench beyond belief for the whole family. When a friend suggested adding it to vodka, the real purpose of Fruitations came into focus – craft cocktails!

These days, Fruitations is served in bars, restaurants, and hotels across the country. Talented bartenders infuse craft cocktails and mocktails with Fruitations and wow guests with tastes that thrill. Shake up your cocktails at home using the incredibly simple and wonderful recipes right here. Any time of day, drink better with Fruitations in your glass. Better tasting – and better for you.


Fruitations are handcrafted in historic New England with only three ingredients: fruit, pure cane & water.

• 100% All natural
• Small Batch, Artisan Production
• Low Sugar, Low Calories
• Locally Sourced
• 12 Month Shelf Life

Fruitations pure fruit syrups come in five delicious flavors to add bold flavors to your craft soda or cocktails:

  • cranberry
  • tangerine
  • cherry
  • grapefruit
  • ginger
Featured in Forbes!
Fruitations has been in the news: Forbes, The Boston Globe, Drink Spirits and all have great things to say! Read all about Allison Goldberg,Cocktail And Craft Soda Flavorist and Entrepreneur in this Forbes article.
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