With a passion for well-made products and fascinated by the history of liqueurs and spirits as they were originally crafted, Doragrossa Torino is paying homage to the knowledge and skills of the Piedmontese artisans through the revival of the centuries-old tradition of the preparation of liqueurs, “amari” (bitter liqueurs) and “elixirs” in Turin and the surrounding area.

This is a land where the art of mixing natural ingredients and “running the still” has always been synonymous with employment, tradition and culture, an important local heritage that, through Doragrossa, we wish to have the world discover and appreciate.

Our liqueurs are crafted from traditional old recipes, rediscovered and reworked in a quest to find the most captivating aromas and flavours. .

FLOWERS and FRUIT from the region and SPICES from around the world.
Mint, rhubarb, juniper, chamomile… spices, herbs and fruit have always poured into Turin from the surrounding countryside, along with wine, brought in to the city from the prestigious vineyards of Langhe and Monferrato located nearby.

Later, from the 18th century onwards, and thanks also to the presence of the Royal Court, new precious ingredients from the Indies, Africa and the Americas began to arrive in the city and the streets of the capital of the Kingdom of Savoy were infused with aromas of vanilla, cinnamon, liquorice, cloves and other spices.

Turin, the Liqueur Capital
The publication of the Farmacopea Taurinensis manual (1736) and the foundation of the “Università degli Acquavitai e Confetturieri” (University of Spirit and Confectionery Makers) shortly afterwards (1739), cemented the city’s important role, both within Italy and Europe, in the production of various types of alcoholic beverages.

Early 19th-century Turin was home to an incredible concentration of wine, liqueur and spirit producers. The large number of taverns that existed at the time points to the presence of a flourishing trade in beverages destined for the working classes, as well as the aristocracy, military and bourgeoisie.

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