Elixir Rararbaro e Menta


ABV: 20%

Origin: Italy


The word “elixir” was originally used solely for the compounds prepared by pharmacists and alchemists for purely medical purposes. The most famous of these, known as “Lungavita”, was the only “remedy against all known maladies” for many centuries. With the advent of chemical pharmacy, the elixirs lost their original function and moved from the pharmacy shelves to those of the liquor stores. Suitably reinterpreted and sweetened, they quickly caught on as a delicacy for the palate.

This delicately bitter liqueur, like the candies from our grandparents’ day, comes from the blend of the delightfully bitter taste of rhubarb with the pure freshness of mint.

Main herbs and spices: pink rhubarb root, spearmint.

Formats: 750ml

“The origin of the Italian art of Liquoristica.”

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