Del Professore Rosso Vermouth

DESCRIPTION: The Rosso embodies the authentic Piedmontese tradition and is made from Nebbiolo wine. It is aged in wooden barrels for periods of several months, which vary from season to season, to ensure a harmonious balance of flavors and an unmistakeable aroma.

The warm embracing scent of wood, balsamic and menthol is reminiscent of the herbal mixtures of yesteryear characterised by aromas of absinthe, bitter orange, Alpine mint, cloves and other spices. Soft and full on the palate, with a perfect balance between alcohol and sugar, it has a pleasantly bitter and smooth finish of rhubarb and gentian.

ABV: 18%

MAIN BOTANICALS: Absinthe, Alpine mint, cloves, mace, gentian

Vermouth Rosso

SERVING SUGGESTION: 4 parts Del Professore Rosso, 2 parts Del Professore Bitter and ice cold soda, garnished with lemon and orange zest.

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