Del Professore Aperitivo

DESCRIPTION: The Aperitivo is the result of a fine craft infusion of mandarin, lemon, gentian and other spices. Its flavors and colors conjure up the ambience of the fabulous 1950’s. Best enjoyed in good company at sundown.

TASTE: The ingredients are primarily Italian in origin with the exception of certain essential fine exotic spices. Naturally colored, it releases intense aromas of fresh citrus, sage and flowers with a hint of gentian and other delicately bitter herbs. Intense with long-lasting flavors, well-balanced alcohol and a delicately bitter aftertaste.

ABV: 15%

MAIN BOTANICALS: Mandarin, lemon, gentian, rhubarb


SERVING SUGGESTION: 1 part Del Professore Aperitivo, 2 parts prosecco, cold soda to taste. Prepare in a Collins glass with ice and garnish with a slice of orange.

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