Egbert’s Cocktail Cherries

DESCRIPTION: Rich and flavorful, these cherries rival their European cousins. The addition of DASHFIRE BITTERS to the cherry juice adds complexity and spice and they have a lighter, drier texture that allows for more savory applications. (Egbert’s has 33% less sugar than the leading brand.) A hint of warm fall spices make them the perfect addition to an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, or to any whiskey, vermouth, or brandy-based cocktail.

In Minnesota, we soak up the summer as much as we can. Bring these cherries to family picnics, up to the lake, and around the campfire to perfect your cocktail while you’re savoring the summer months.

All-natural ingredients and no red dye.

REGION: Minnetonka, MN, USA


SERVING SUGGESTION: Your Old Fashioned Cocktail will thank you.

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