California Amaro

DESCRIPTION: Swedish influences give this Amaro a unique profile – a true flavor journey.​

Our Amaro is another expression that will leave a unique mark on the Amari scene. Flavors from birch bark, heather flowers and sea buckthorn gives this Amaro a distinctive Scandinavian flair. These are among the 31 botanicals making up this fresh expression.

Base: Neutral Grain Spirit (Corn)

Ingredients: Though the recipe is a secret, we can share that our Amaro contains Rhubarb root and Gentian root amongst the bittering agents.

The roots, herbs and spices were selected to create a Scandinavian influenced Amaro.

ABV: 38%

REGION: San Francisco, CA, USA

California Amaro

SERVING SUGGESTION: Fill a wine glass with ice, then add California Amaro. Top with sparkling wine and soda water. Add the lime wheel directly into the spritz and enjoy immediately.

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