Mocktails Donates 2,600 Alcohol-Free Cocktails to Hospitals

New Jersey — Mocktails recently answered a plea for help from the Virtua Hospital network in New Jersey, near New York’s COVID-19 ground zero. Virtua Hospital has been overwhelmed with patients impacted by the Coronavirus. The hospital decided to host a morale booster event for their 2,500 frontline healthcare workers including nurses, doctors and supporting medical staff. Mocktails stepped up to the plate and donated 2,600 bottles of product with the help of their importer, Vision Wine and Spirits and Western Carriers, who delivered the product.

The hospital themed their faculty event around the 200th birthday of Florence Nightingale, the Mother of Modern Nursing. With the help of Mocktails and Vision Wine and Spirits, Virtua Hospital was able to create a fun, uplifting and safe event that could never have been achieved with soft drinks.