GSN Review: Del Professore Chinato, Aperitivo and Bitters Vermouth


Del Professore Vermouth is one of few vermouths available made solely from wine and ingredients produced in-house. The full lineup of Del Professore products include: Classico, Rosso, Bitter, Aperitivo and Chinato Vermouth.

“I love preserving and enhancing the aromas, colors and flavors of the raw materials I work with, just as I love waiting patiently for them to mature naturally,” says Carlo Quaglia, Distiller, and liquor maker.

Del Professore Chinato Vermouth combines the delicate bitterness and fortifying virtues of cinchona with the classic sweetness and aromas of vermouth, to create a beverage which is perfect as an aperitif or after-dinner drink. GSN’s Thoughts: This is a classic Italian vermouth that leans a little more towards the sweet than the bitter. Lovely mouthfeel with a soft caramel edge that feels like a rich dessert. What we particularly enjoy is a lack of the typical burnt quality that you’ll often find in inferior vermouths. Very nice indeed. GSN Rating: A

Del Professore Bitter is crafted from an exclusive recipe that includes a fresh bitter orange peel infusion and carried out with great care and dedication. This creates a unique spirit with a natural ruby red color and juniper, cinnamon and other spice aromas. The typical flavors of citrus, cascarilla, rhubarb and gentian come through on the palate. GSN’s Thoughts: At first you might think that this is sweeter than it should be, but no. The bitterness comes through loud and clear after just two seconds. This will make for a more gentle approach in a Negroni, but one that is just as flavorful. We like the spiciness of the blend as well. Very autumnal. GSN Rating: A-

Del Professore Aperitivo is the result of a fine craft infusion of mandarin, lemon, gentian, and other spices. Naturally colored, it releases intense aromas of fresh citrus, sage and flowers with a hint of gentian and other delicately bitter herbs. GSN’s Thoughts: I’ll put it plainly. This is outright delicious. Just heaven in a glass. Really compact and intense, yet it feels light and refreshing. We love the fruit forward quality, but also the herbal blend nearly as much. Honestly, we would end our day at the office with a small glass of this every day. GSN Rating: A+++