On Tuesday the 18th of September, the Cape Winelands enjoyed much appreciated cloudbursts of rain. As the clouds moved on and a few rays of sunlight were streamed down in the afternoon, a few members of our vineyard team set about some work at the dam pumps.

A fluttering of activity accompanied by high pitched squawks were investigated by our viticulturist and farm manager Marius Cloete. To his delight three Cape Eagle Owl chicks were discovered in a cut away in a tree.

Concerned that the days old chicks were far too exposed to the prevailing wind and with more rain expected, Marius headed off to the workshop where he rapidly crafted a covering to protect the chicks. At the time of writing, the feathered family are all well and seemingly quite settled in their dwelling. With mom and dad perched in a tree across from the chicks, keeping a watchful eye.
It is indeed the little and caring things that count and we will keep track of how the chicks grow. There is already much banter amongst the team as to what they ought to be named!