Five New Canned Cocktails for Whiskey, Vodka, Rum and Tiki Fans

Sure, mixing cocktails is fun, but sometimes you want something as low-maintenance as possible. Maybe you’re out of ice, or you just don’t have the energy to wash any more glassware.

The solution? Premixed cocktails in cans.

Although canned cocktails (also called “ready-to-drink” cocktails, or RTDs) aren’t a new idea—see our previous coverage here, and here—offerings have expanded at a rapid clip. Also, what’s in the can has increased in quality and diversity of styles.

Whether your usual go-to is stirred and strong, or bubbly and refreshing, there’s likely a can that will appeal to you. Pop these open at home or tote them along to enjoy while social distancing in the Great Outdoors.

If you love a martini

Try: Dashfire Elderflower Martinez

Typically, a martini is a drink best made to order, and many people have very specific preferences about how they like theirs prepared.

While the Martinez isn’t a martini, it’s in the ballpark. Some say it’s a predecessor to the classic cocktail. Most importantly, this variation made by the team behind Dashfire Bitters is highly enjoyable, a bracing gin sipper mellowed by Sherry and elderflower liqueur.