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As a followup to Dashfire’s popular lines of boutique bitters and high-end, ready-to-pour Bourbon Old Fashioneds, Chai White Russians and other cocktails in a can, Dashfire is rolling out Cafe Dashfire, ready-to-pour hard coffees available on store shelves starting this month.

It’s a moment worth noting. Hard coffees have been trending and, while national and international liquor brands have started introducing more and more to the market in recent years, there haven’t been many local versions.

Like with other Dashfire bitters and spirits, ingredients in Cafe Dashfire are carefully sourced and curated. For starters, Dashfire worked with local coffee company Five Watt Coffee, tapping into their expertise in roasting and resting coffee to create just the right flavor profile. The companies have a history of working together: Dashfire helped develop the coffee brand’s line of bitters.

Cafe Dashfire coffees, best served chilled or poured over ice, are available in three varieties: Rum Café Mocha, Rum Golden Latte and Bourbon Cold Brew. The amount of caffeine differs with each variety (Mocha, 20 mg; Latte, 25 mg; Cold Brew, 85mg). A cup of coffee traditionally has 100 mg, so the Dashfire coffees have slightly less caffeine, making them ideal for both day and evening drinks. All three have a 14 percent ABV (alcohol by volume) and come in 200 ml cans.

It’s clear the ready-to-sip drinks that are labor intensive and made with carefully sourced, complex ingredients, are not something you can duplicate at home — think boutique hard coffees in a can.

Take the Rum Cafe Mocha, a chocolate-y hard coffee sweet treat, made with individually macerated botanicals such as cacao, chicory, vanilla and currants. And not to stop there, Sweet Florida Rum, Buttery Wisconsin Cream and espresso — in which a careful roasting and resting process is used to get the flavor profile desired — further takes it into a league of its own.

Then there’s the Rum Golden Latte, a bright yellow hued concoction that is slightly sweet and boozier tasting than the mocha. Botanical hints of turmeric, nutmeg and ginger are creative and unexpected. Then there’s the wonderfully bold espresso that comes through loud and clear as well as some top notch Wisconsin Cream to further add to the flavors and thicken the drink up.

Last but not least, the booziest tasting, the Bourbon Cold Brew, is a bold coffee served black, or sans cream, and with bourbon. To maximize the flavors and richness for this cold brew, beans are roasted and then rested for 14 days. And that longer process pays off in this pronounced, ready-to-pour hard cold brew.

Now that Cafe Dashfire is making its way into the market, there’s no need to gather ingredients to make high-end boozy coffees for those mornings off, brunches while vacationing at the lake or evening drinks. Dashfire can do you one better. And all in a nicely packaged, ready-to-pour format.



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