The Bitter Truth Orange Flower Water

Spirit Description

Orange Flower Water

Alcohol by Volume: Contains No Alcohol

Origination: Product of Germany

Production Method: In a copper pot still orange blossoms and natural spring water is combined and the blossoms macerate for 10 hours. The macerate is then carefully distilled so that the aromas of the blossoms are captured in the water. The liquid is then stabilized. In a final step the liquid is filtered, bottled and labeled in 125ml bottles at 0% vol.

Tasting Notes: This virginal blossom is both intense and perfumed like Juliet on bath day. Like Shakespeare’s heroine, her flavor is natural and subtle. She marries delicate hints of orange zest and Seville orchards which honeymoon in classic drinks like the Ramos Gin Fizz and the Wallick – a Martini Cocktail variation. Too little and you’ll never find »the one« and too much and you’ll have a suicide pact on your hands.

Formats: 4 oz / 12 bottles

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