The Bitter Truth Bitters Travel Pack

Spirit Description

Bitters Travel Pack

Alcohol by Volume: Various

Origination: Product of Germany

Region: Bavaria

Tasting Notes: The Bitter Truth – Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set can be carried in flight hand luggage and therefore is the ideal companion for all globetrotters who won`t settle for anything less than perfect drinks during their flight! Including 5 different flavors in a lovely designed box this kit is also the perfect addition to anybody’s home bar.

Formats: 100ml (5 x 20ml) / 12 Kits

Tasting Notes of Included Bottles:

  • CELERY BITTERS: Very complex and exotic. The initial flavor of celery is dominant, leading into a complex palate with aromas of lemongrass, orange peel and ginger.
  • OLD TIME AROMATIC BITTERS: Classically bitter and tangy. Combining the aromatics of cinnamon, cardamom, anise and cloves, it reminds one of gingerbread.
  • ORANGE BITTERS: The aroma of bitter orange peel is in the foreground, complimented by the spicy flavors of cardamom, caraway and nutmeg.
  • CREOLE BITTERS: The complex combination of flavors hints upon spice, bitterness and cardamom with a subtle floral finish that evokes the flavors of Creole cuisine in New Orleans/Louisiana.
  • JERRY THOMAS’ OWN DECANTER BITTERS: Dedicated to Professor Jerry Thomas (1830-1885), who is considered to be the most famous and important bartender of the 19th century, these bitters reveal citrus and dried fruit aromas which combine with the spicy flavors of cloves, angostura bark and cinnamon.

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