Serge Dore Domaine Roger et Didier Raimbault Sancerre Pinot Noir Rose

Appellation: AOC Sancerre (Loire Valley)

Vineyard: 100% Pinot Noir; vines are 20 years old on average; terroir is steep clay limestone hills.

ROGER ET DIDIER RAIMBAULT’s domaine is located in the Verdigny commune, right in the heart of the Sancerre wine region. The family has been growing vines for some 400 years, and owns 43 acres of vineyards on the sharp slopes of Verdigny and Sury en Vaux. These 500 to 1000 feet high hills rise in a slope of up to 40%, offering various sun exposures which gives the terroir authenticity and complexity to their wines. In order to fully express the terroir, vines are cultivated with great care-all year round. They use simple Guyot training and remove buds for greater vigor. Soils are worked to minimize herbicide use and grass is planted to fight erosion. With these methods, they maintain vigor in the vines to harvest healthy and well balanced grapes.

Domaine Raimbault’s Rosé wine comes from 100% Pinot Noir vines planted in clay-limestone soils called terres blanches. The vines are planted on steep clay limestone hillsides. This Kimmeridgean marl terroir is some 146 million years old, and is characterized by the presence of tiny fossils (oysters and ammonites especially). These point to a time when the sea covered this land.

Great freshness, finesse, and minerality. Fresh and subtle strawberry and raspberry aromas linger on the nose and usher in a most welcome lightness in the mouth, all through the finish. Best consumed in 2 – 4 years.

Pair with crudités, charcuterie, white meats, Asian and Italian cuisine.

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