Left Field

The Left Field wines hail from vineyards in New Zealand’s “grand cru” appellation Gimblett Gravels, in the Hawkes Bay region and are made at the small exclusive single estate Te Awa winery.

When the winemaker was looking for vineyards to create a more approachable, affordable and fruit-driven range of wines,he literally looked to the area left of the Gimblett Gravels appellation, and hence the Left Field name was created.

A whimsical approach to exploration, creativity and imagination is embodied in Left Field wines. It is the birthplace of the unexpected, the weird and the wonderful.


Te Awa o Te Atua, The river of God — a reference to the mysterious subterranean streams over which the vineyards are situated and from which the wines draw their exquisite, yet subtle characteristics. The quality comes from the free draining soil which consistently produces high quality fruit.

Walking the vineyard at Te Awa Winery you will see the vines planted in alluvial soils, typical of the area. The single estate is made up of 151 hectares, 100 of which are planted in vines. Te Awa vineyard soils are the trails of the old Ngaruroro River which meandered through the region until a huge flood changed its course in 1867.

Label Design

Aaron Pollock Design approached Steven Noble to create a series of illustrations very unique and original to the Left Field Wines branding that evoke the unexpected, the weird and wonderful, through moments of quirky humor and unexpected surprises. The artwork was hand-carved on scratchboard using X-Acto knifes to scrap off the clayboard.

Left Field


2017 Left Field Pinot Gris

Gold Medal, New Zealand International Wine Show 2017

Brand Details

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