Glenrothes 8

Spirit Description

Situated within the picturesque Spey valley, Rothes is home to five distilleries all tucked along the tiny main street – unbeknown to passing visitors. Amongst these is Glenrothes hidden in a small glen on the outskirts of the village. Today Glenrothes single malt is used as the heart of Cutty Sark blended whisky. Approaching the distillery your eyes are drawn to the right where the village graveyard stretches up the hill. As whisky matures it evaporates, this is known as ‘the angels share.’ Feeding off the evaporated whisky is a black sooty fungus, which gives an eerie atmosphere to the place. The blackened grave stones under the shadows of tall trees surrounded by distillery buildings.

Alcohol by Volume: 43%

Origin: Speyside. Rothes.

Notes: Matured in refill sherry & Bourbon casks.

Tasting Notes: Toasted malt with hints of green apples, pineapples, fresh coconut and citrus elements (orange peel, grapefruit). Palate shows chile spice, blackberries, bitter walnut and milk chocolate notes. Whisper of floral vanilla.

Formats: 750mL

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