Glenburgie 15

Spirit Description

Set close to the A96, near the village of Alves, lies Glenburgie Distillery which looks over the Moray Firth. The distillery was originally called Kilnflat, although in 1878 after a period of disuse, it was renamed Glenburgie. Nearby is Burgie Castle, which dates back to the 16th century. For a short while Glenburgie also produced another single malt, Glencraig. This was produced using Lomond stills and is available in our Rare Old range.

Alcohol by Volume: 43%

Origin: Speyside. Alves, Nr Forres.

Notes: Matured in refill Bourbon barrels.

Tasting Notes: Fresh with tropical fruit aromas, hints of toasted malt, hay, cereal grain, and vanilla. Grain forward and grassy palate with gentle spices and hints of citrus fruits developing.

Formats: 750mL

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