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Portuguese wines are the next hot thing, and with good cause.Portugal benefits from about 300 annual days of sunshine and a temperate, Mediterranean climate. Besides making for great vacation weather, you could say Portugal has been genetically blessed: it’s got the climate to make excellent wine in a wide array of styles.

Firo Cellars works closely with Portugal’s top wineries to import a unique portfolio of outstanding and distinctive wines into the United States.

Portugal’s greatest winemaking assets are arguably the country’s indigenous grapes.

You may not be able to pronounce their names, but Portugal’s native grape varieties are exquisite. While the rest of the world is planting ‘international’ varieties, Portugal works mostly with indigenous grape varieties (over 250, to be exact) that you won’t find planted anywhere else on the planet. You’ll love Portuguese wines for their unique flavor and aroma profiles. Decanter says it best, attributing to Portugal “some of the greatest vine biodiversity in the world.” If you’re seeking impressive wine with character, Portugal is the place to look.

Firo is proud to partner with Portugal’s top wine producers to bring you a selection of the country’s most distinctive wines.

Each of Firo’s partner wineries exemplifies winemaking excellence. Our partners are unwaveringly committed to producing the best possible wines. Each does so with vision, in a way that rings true with individual styles and terroirs. You can expect exceptional, unique wines of quality and character when working with Firo’s portfolio.

We feel privileged for our partner wineries, and hope you enjoy discovering their wines as much as we have.

The Experience


Quinta de Santiago Alvarinho 2017

90 points, Wine Advocate (August 2018)
“It is focused, very fresh and there’s a big finish.” – Mark Squires

Quinta das Marias Encruzado 2017

90 points, Wine Advocate (August 2018)
“This elegant white should hold well and become more complex when you hold it.” – Mark Squires
92 points, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“It is poised between freshness, ripe white stone fruits, a crisp texture and toasty richness.” – Roger Voss

Quinta das Marias Lote 2016

87 points, Wine Advocate (August 2018)
“ is beautifully crafted—pure, elegant, textured and refined.” – Mark Squires
92 points, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“..Rich and stylish, it’s packed with firm black fruits and firm tannins.” – Roger Voss

Lavradores 8 Bagos Red 2016

91 points, BEST BUY, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“This blend of eight different grapes from eight estates has been oak-aged to fill it out and round out the ripeness.” – Roger Voss

Lavradores 8 Bagos Oak Free Red 2016

89 points, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“It has no oak aging, just rich red-berry flavors and a warm, fruity character that’s freshened at the end by a crisp aftertaste. ” – Roger Voss

Lavradores Gadiva Red 2016

87 points, BEST BUY, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“Partially wood aged, this wine is rich, full and very accessible. Its black fruits and light tannic edge give the wine a juicy character that’s enhanced by a touch of spice. ” – Roger Voss

Lavradores Gadiva White 2017

85 points, Wine Enthusiast (November 2018)
“A blend of Malvasia, Síria and Gouveio, this wine is soft, open and fruity. It is rich while still having a crisp edge and a refreshing aftertaste. ” – Roger Voss

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