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From the picturesque Bavarian alpine region in Germany comes an authentic line of fine food & cocktail flavoring, manufactured with traditional methods and skilled craftsmanship. The pristine environment of Germany’s southernmost area has a rich history in herbal extracts. Naturally, it is also the home of the high-quality bitters brand Berg & Hauck.

Superior ingredients are sourced from all over the world to achieve the best flavor and enrich the taste of fine food and mixed drinks with unparalleled balance and complexity. Carefully selected herbs and spices are combined and their flavors extracted in small batches with an extra slow maceration time.

The Berg & Hauck’s fine food and cocktail flavorings are made solely from natural ingredients. No artificial flavors ensure the best quality money can buy.

Stephan Berg & Alexander Hauck, the men behind the brand, are widely credited for reviving the love for lost cocktail bitters, kick-starting the growing movement around the world for fine food and cocktails and new and innovative bottling.

Enjoy Berg & Hauck’s Bitters in your favorite cocktail or mixed drink. They also add delicious flavor to numerous food dishes like soups, salads, meat, fish, fruits, sauces, puddings and cakes.

Berg & Hauck’s bitters are registered in the United States as NON-POTABLE.

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The Bitter Truth GmbH


Stephen Berg & Alexander Hauck



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